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Room Divider - Hardwood M (stripe)

Room Divider. Interior partition. Room decor. Hanging screen - 6 pieces


Produced in house and cut on our laser cutting machine here in the UK, we offer these unique room dividers.

This system is modular and priced per 8' x 15 1/2'' (2400mm x 400mm) drop allowing it to fully cover the average floor to ceiling height without adjustment.


-There are 6 parts to each drop-


Precision machined from 3mm hardwood plywood this system is strong and light, displaying the natural grain of the wood to both sides.

Suspended from ceiling mounted hooks and separated with fine C wire hooks that allow the system to hang freely, this room divider is functional and easy to install too.

Each panel is 400mm square with the exception of the top which is 300mm high, this allows for the assembled system to sit perfectly in your living space.


If you are unable to find all of your required options here, please do contact us as there are many other colours and patterns available. We are confident we will be able to help.


Note: none of the other items in the images are for sale here and multiples of this room divider system are shown in the images, thank you.

Room Divider - Hardwood M (stripe)

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